Pilot Archive



About the Project

In the summer of 2017, the San Juan-based project, PISO Proyecto, and the multi-national alliance advocating for artists’ autonomy, Get Artists Paid, collaborated to make a pilot of “País Utopía”. Through the pilot, we explored labor, process, and art in connection with the historic and continuing colonial violence inflicted on the island and people of Puerto Rico. The confluence of fair labor practices and wild creativity is where we imagine sustainable solutions living.


País Utopía is an ongoing archive that documents Puerto Rican grassroots initiatives organizing against U.S. colonialism and its historical consequences on the archipelago. Pais Utopía connects and maps these initiatives in order to build towards a new horizon. We work towards laying an economic and political foundation from the ground up—  focus on land, food, art and community health. These concerns are deeply undervalued, yet can serve as keys to survival for people on the island and beyond.



Get Artists Paid is an initiative to receive just compensation for creative labor, which is the foundation of any sustainable society.  We organize around identifying art as labor, demanding compensation for work and acknowledging that people of color have always created societal infrastructure without recognition.







PISO proyecto is a collaborative interdisciplinary mobile platform. Our medium is the body.

We make interventions, improvisations in public space and unexpected placements.

We document and archive what we set out to do. We like to generate dialogue about process and receive inquiries, observations and participation.